Sparks & Sense: For the kids

Ping Pong... is not the macarena.

Ping Pong… is not the macarena.

Well, Sparks & Sense put their blogger creds to good use on Tuesday night for non-profit organization Monster’s Kids – ‘NY Lizards Blizzard’ was a charity event put on by Maverick Events and hosted by major league lacrosse team the NY Lizards at SPiN New York. Susan Sarandon, part-owner of the chic Flatiron ping pong club, was unfortunately not in attendance…sigh.

The event was fantastic. Not only because the proceeds support the worthy efforts of Monster’s Kids, an organization created by former Lizard Tim Goettelmann’s – but because we also had the pleasure of surrounding ourselves with the beautiful baubles of Judith Ripka’s amazing and sparkly (eeek) collection up for silent auction. Unfortunately our non-existant blogger salaries meant we could only admire, not bid.

All in all, it was a great night and as you can see, Sparks & Sense even participated in a little ping pong tournament of their own (thankfully Sparks was wearing her latest obsession, black wedge sneakers, which really improved her volleying skills). Proseccos in hand the entire time, we soon learned that a career as an Olympic ping pong doubles pair is not in our near future. We quit as soon as we broke a sweat. The good news was that there was plenty of eye-candy, *ahem*….we mean, LAX players to keep us company…

Monster’s Kids benefit sick and injured children at Cohen Children’s Hospital. To learn more about this amazing hospital, please visit:

Maverick Events, founded by Candace Jarkow, is a full service event production, development and marketing company providing exceptional service to its clients. To have your next event produced by Maverick Events, please visit:


Thanks Pinterest!

Better than shake shack!

As you’ll come to learn, I am obsessed with cute ideas and anything adorable – naturally. Pinterest is fueling this addiction and I now use every social gathering as an opportunity to show off my pinning skills. I recently showed up to a BBQ with these hamburger cupcakes from Duncan Hines and they were a hit!

Helpful tip: Use pre-colored icing (food coloring will come out pink instead of bright red) and only ice the perimeter of the burger (will make your icing last a lot longer)!

xo Sparks