Fall is here!

The season that just keeps giving. Pumpkin Spice Latte with a fresh mani using my favorite fall color, Siberian Nights by OPI. Heaven!


Sparkly and sensible products we love: Light Cider

Michelob Ultra’s new light cider (aka a beautiful backdrop for my new sparkly nail polish

When I originally heard that Michelob Ultra was coming out with a light cider my life was instantly better (you know, birds started chirping, the clouds parted and angels sang). Not only is it 1 Weight Watchers point (I know, right!?) but I assume it will be served at a lot of NYC establishments and in my mind, just might be the answer to world peace.

Since I avoid anything less than amazing, almost every person who has had to endure or bear witness to my picky drink ordering habits couldn’t wait to tell me about it.  Not wasting any time, this ridiculously dreary Monday at work (naturally the most appropriate time to be drinking) seemed like the perfect opportunity to experience heaven. After a quick search using Michelob’s nifty little locater I was that much closer to that first sip.

As these things often go, I must say it was not everything I imagined. I didn’t immediately drop 10lbs and it tasted a little closer to beer than I would have preferred. However, it was surprisingly light and refreshing. Definitely something I will order in the future – you know, assuming they’re out of Mai Tais, Cosmos, Appletinis…



Get’s my seal of approval too – mainly because I hope this means I don’t have to hide my face in shame when at a bar with Sparks and she orders a Malibu Bay Breeze.