You can’t get mad, the customer is always right :)


When you shop as much as Sparks & Sense, you’re bound to have a gripe or two… or five. Here’s ours.

Since when did customer service become such a joke? Gone are the days where the consumer is always right and made to feel like a goddess for choosing to spend her hard-earned money at their store. Very few stores even acknowledge your existence and if they do, it’s probably because you showed up wearing your best outfit, flowing supermodel waves and let’s not forget some sort of designer bag/shoes. Well, that is NOT how I shop. My favorite thing to do is put on some leggings, tie my hair in a knot and peruse my favorite stores until 5pm when it’s time to head home and get ready for the night  – no, I am not showering twice on a Saturday. My hair can only take one blowout a day and I am sure as hell not wasting it on the sales girl who can’t be bothered…

Anyways, we’ve put together a list of some of the most annoying things about shopping. Wait, after re-reading that sentence I need to clarify – the most annoying things about the shopping experience, because there isn’t anything better than shopping…

The Flattery Attack
You look like hell (as previously mentioned), have your headphones on and yet six dazzling sales people run over to you “OH MY GAAAAH. I love that bag. Or better yet, I love that phone case”… Nice try, but no.

“Tim Gunning”
The clever ploy to sick an adorable gay man on you knowing that every girl wants to shop with a gay best friend (a la Will & Grace) and therefore, feel compelled to buy whatever he recommends.

Oh, I’m sorry are YOU Ralph Lauren?
That damn superiority complex. Puhhhhlease, I’m the one spending my money to wear that outside of this store. You put that shirt on this morning and will be stopped by security if you don’t take it off when you clock out. Please don’t act like you’re better than me.

Is this Gucci or Goodwill?
Did I miss the turn for Barney’s and end up at their warehouse sale (it’s amaze but let’s be honest – most of the merchandise has been to hell and back). I’m sure the CEO of your company would fall over in his Bernhardt designer chair to see how you just treated that $400 sequin dress that thanks to you he will not be able to sell. And the nerve to keep a straight face when you tell me in your sweet voice “I’m sorry. There aren’t any discounts on damaged items.”

The Guessing Game
When the size 0 sales girl brings you something to try on that’s either two sizes too small and you have to tell her skinny ass it doesn’t fit…or she brings you something that is two sizes too large. Now I feel fantastic and will definitely be spending my money with you.

While I am sure everyone can relate to some aspects of this (this list was inspired by a recent trip to Topshop – one of my favorite stores with sadly, the worst customer service ever – so apologies for the rant), for every bad sales person there are 2038038 great sales people out there and putting myself in their shoes for a minute, I definitely wouldn’t be able to do their job. So, to all those EXCELLENT employees, we say thank you!

Sparks & Sense


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