We’ve met our theatrical match

After two years of sitting next to each other singing every word of the Wicked soundtrack on our very popular “sing-along” mix (other hits include Chicago, Disney songs, Smash, and Aida), Sparks and Sense were lucky enough to get free tickets (thanks, Jon) to see it LIVE on Broadway! Eeeeek…dreams really do come true…

Sara (Sparks) & Danni (Sense)
“We’re just two friends, two good friends, two best friends.”

While it was hands down one of the best shows EVER (slots currently reserved for such hits as Rent, Elf and Shrek…insert a Danni face here…) it was extra special since Sparks and Sense share a very similar relationship to Glinda and Elphaba. Sparks is a match to Glenda’s optimistic and undeniable sparkly outlook and aside from the whole wicked with of the west thing, Sense and Elphaba share more realistic views and one of my favorite characteristics, a quick wit. That said, neither of us can sing…small detail.

What made this even more special is the fact that we had been talking about going to see Wicked since we met (of course the more sensible one in this duo had been talking about how we could get free/extremely discounted tickets through the lottery) but we never ended up going. Well, it just so happened that we got to see the show during my last week at BBDO and even more sad, the last week sitting next to my best friend.


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