John Mayer just keeps getting better looking…said no one, ever.


Can we all take a moment to acknowledge the downward spiral that is John Mayer? What happened to the semi-sexy, guitar wielding ‘bad boy’ who you (potentially) wouldn’t slap for telling you that your body is a wonderland…?

I assume that we can attribute the uptick in Mayer’s appearance in 2008 to the influences of then-girlfriend Jen Aniston (and as a card-carrying member of Team Aniston I feel inclined to point out the adverse effect that Angie had on Brad). Perhaps Mayer took that breakup harder than we realized? Or maybe he thinks looking like a less attractive Johnny Depp will actually get him some tail?

John, we beseech you – just take a damn shower – and if you’re going to get your style inspiration from Jack White, at least be consistent. Lyrics like “It sucks to be honest and it hurts to be real” don’t really help you keep up appearances.

~ Sense


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