Sparkly and sensible products we love: Light Cider

Michelob Ultra’s new light cider (aka a beautiful backdrop for my new sparkly nail polish

When I originally heard that Michelob Ultra was coming out with a light cider my life was instantly better (you know, birds started chirping, the clouds parted and angels sang). Not only is it 1 Weight Watchers point (I know, right!?) but I assume it will be served at a lot of NYC establishments and in my mind, just might be the answer to world peace.

Since I avoid anything less than amazing, almost every person who has had to endure or bear witness to my picky drink ordering habits couldn’t wait to tell me about it.  Not wasting any time, this ridiculously dreary Monday at work (naturally the most appropriate time to be drinking) seemed like the perfect opportunity to experience heaven. After a quick search using Michelob’s nifty little locater I was that much closer to that first sip.

As these things often go, I must say it was not everything I imagined. I didn’t immediately drop 10lbs and it tasted a little closer to beer than I would have preferred. However, it was surprisingly light and refreshing. Definitely something I will order in the future – you know, assuming they’re out of Mai Tais, Cosmos, Appletinis…



Get’s my seal of approval too – mainly because I hope this means I don’t have to hide my face in shame when at a bar with Sparks and she orders a Malibu Bay Breeze. 



Okay fine, I’ll call you.

The folks at Abercromie pulled together yet another YouTube take on Carly Rae Jepson’s annoyingly catchy hit “Call Me Maybe”.

Though rock-hard abs, a ‘smack me’ grin and a superhuman ability to withstand the stench of cheap Abercrombie cologne (what’s that cologne called again…? Manhood? Fertile?) are qualities that A&F look for in their hiring process, they’ve clearly overlooked dancing ability. That said, it’s quite nice to watch as long as you pause it regularly.

Click the manly image above or watch the full video here.




Yes, we’ll play along…


Listen up Hollywood!

Felicity Jones & Henry Cavill for 50 Shades

Though we struggle to see how these films can be anything less than X-rated, we will definitely be two amongst the millions of ladies waiting in line to see Ana Steele and Christian Grey brought to the big screen in the film adaptation of E.L. James’ 50 Shades of Grey.

The word’s still out on who will play the leading roles (especially which actor will have the guts to play the sexually deviant Grey) so we put some thought into who we’d pick if Hollywood cared about our opinion (as they well should). We landed on the dashing duo of Henry Cavill and Felicity Jones. You’ll recognize Henry as the upcoming face of Superman in 2013’s Man of Steel and Felicity from the hole-up-in-your-room-eating-Chunky-Monkey-listening-to-Everybody-Hurts-while-ugly-crying 2011 film Like Crazy. They’ve got the looks and the chops to pull off these tricky characters – and let’s be honest…no one wants K-Stew and R-Patz, who are rumored to have expressed interest in these roles, to ruin yet another movie with their mediocre acting.

While we were at it (you’re welcome Hollywood) we gave a ponder to the casting for two of our other favorite trilogies. Since they managed to cast the main three characters for the Hunger Games without consulting us, we figured we’d help them out on the role of Finnick Odair, an important character in the second film, Catching Fire. Our choice is Ryan Kwanten, who has tons of experience playing the good looking charmer as Jason Stackhouse on True Blood. We threw in the topless photo gratuitously…

And for those of you in Hunger Games hangover and looking for your next trilogy fix, check out Veronica Roth’s Divergent. The first and second books are out now with the third being released next year – they’re worth a read. With Summit Entertainment snatching up the movie rights for a 2015 release, we assume that casting agents everywhere are submitting their bids for the two leads. We think that cutie Elle Fanning would be perfect for the 16 year old shy, but badass Tris, and our pick for her 18 year old sexy training leader, Four, is Vampire Diaries’ Zach Roerig.

So who would you cast?

~Sparks & Sense

Thanks Pinterest!

Better than shake shack!

As you’ll come to learn, I am obsessed with cute ideas and anything adorable – naturally. Pinterest is fueling this addiction and I now use every social gathering as an opportunity to show off my pinning skills. I recently showed up to a BBQ with these hamburger cupcakes from Duncan Hines and they were a hit!

Helpful tip: Use pre-colored icing (food coloring will come out pink instead of bright red) and only ice the perimeter of the burger (will make your icing last a lot longer)!

xo Sparks

John Mayer just keeps getting better looking…said no one, ever.


Can we all take a moment to acknowledge the downward spiral that is John Mayer? What happened to the semi-sexy, guitar wielding ‘bad boy’ who you (potentially) wouldn’t slap for telling you that your body is a wonderland…?

I assume that we can attribute the uptick in Mayer’s appearance in 2008 to the influences of then-girlfriend Jen Aniston (and as a card-carrying member of Team Aniston I feel inclined to point out the adverse effect that Angie had on Brad). Perhaps Mayer took that breakup harder than we realized? Or maybe he thinks looking like a less attractive Johnny Depp will actually get him some tail?

John, we beseech you – just take a damn shower – and if you’re going to get your style inspiration from Jack White, at least be consistent. Lyrics like “It sucks to be honest and it hurts to be real” don’t really help you keep up appearances.

~ Sense